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Von Falconer

Hi, This is Von Falconer K9 Training Facility

If you have the passion to train dogs or have a pet to communicate with, it is an honest world.  A loyal companion loves you unconditionally and will jump in an old car or a new one just to be with you. They don't care about  your religion or the color of your skin, what your political party is or what sex you are.  If you have a disability they are there to serve you and they do not care how old you are either.  They just want to please.  They are human's Best Friend and that is the true story. Von Falconer German Shepherds is a professional training facility dedicated to importing and training the finest canines from Germany, Holland, Denmark, and Checz. for family and executive protection.  All dogs are hand selected and tested for Police and Family and Executive Protection work. Our goal has always been to breed a superior working dog with high ball drive, good nerves, excellent temperament, balanced drives, courage and intelligence.  To achieve this we only use proven imported studs that are currently working Police Service dogs. Don't just settle for any dog - get the best that you can.  It is an investment in your future.  ALL DOGS ARE GUARANTEED!

Von Falconer's Background

Von Falconer's Experience

Dog Trainer at Von Falconer k9

January 1969 - Present | Santa cruz

Training Dogs

Von Falconer's Education

Von Falconer K9

2011 – 2016


Von Falconer's Interests & Activities

dog training,german shepherds, dutch shepherds, protection dogs

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